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Taking care of my pieces of precious fashion jewelry tonight, I came across a memory that how I got my first piece of costume jewelry.

I was five years old back then. My mom used to get up early at six o'clock to go to the market. Since I was small, I remembered seeing everything so tall and big. There was a hawker near the entrance of the wet market selling fashion jewelry. I always stood right in front of the hawker's booth to wait for my mother. As I was attracted by the sparkling crystal jewelry, I usually wished my mom would shop longer so that I could stare at the earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces for an hour or so. And I was especially fond of a ruby ring which is a gold-plated metal ring with a man-made stone studded on it. I loved it so much that would try the ring every time. The hawker was so nice that he even offered to give it as a gift for my birthday. When I mom knew it, she paid the hawker for the price of the ring.

Anyway, it was my first piece of fashion jewelry that I treasured for years.


How to Change Your Style Instantly - Fashion Jewelry A-Z Antique Style

There are so many styles out there that you never know which one fits you well, which one doesn't. The way to find the one for you is to try and decide, however you should never stick with one particular style just because you think it is so you. Life should be filled with fun and colors. And I suggest that you at least try the elegant style once in a while, especially for an evening date or a special event. It would make everyone surprise how different a look you can have, especially for those who are sporty or boyish.

The first suggestion I provide would be wearing a dress. Yes, it is the simplest way you can do to present yourself with a different style is to start from the clothing department. But we want to look gorgeous and elegant, right? Please do not choose an attic with big floral pattern or one that has too many colors on it which would drag you away from the word "elegant" right away. Instead, put on a gown with a single color tone, which can be black, blue or beige in color, which should be subtle with fine details.

Then, you can flatter your whole outfit with sparkling crystal fashion jewelry. If you are attending a proper occasion, a set of rhinestone jewelry would be your perfect partner. Crystal or rhinestone glitters under light which can certainly help you draw everyone’s attention. Among crystal tiara, earrings and layered necklace, you should choose to wear only two of them to make sure you are not overdoing it. Can’t picture what I mean? It would totally be like wearing stage make-up under the sun. See? Anyway, to play safe, layered necklace and drop earrings is always a perfect match.

For your hair, if your budget is not tight, salon is the place you can get your hair done by a professional. Even if you are lack of fund, salon is still the place to go. Juniors need to practice their skills before they become experts. Go ask the salons near you if they need a model for practice or take note of the notice at the salons’ door front. For most girls nowadays, doing your own make-up would not be difficult. However, like the salon tactic, you can have your face done by a make-up artist free or redeeming the service by purchasing cosmetic products in a beauty store.

The crystal jewelry together with your evening gown would definitely help build an elegant image for you. Strap on your heels, wear neat make-up and nice hair style, smile and you are ready to go!


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The Jewelry Accessory Guide for Dressing Yourself Up for Prom, Wedding Reception and other Special Occasions

Going to a prom usually is important for many. We dress well, we put on nice make-up and we wear sparkling jewelry. It does not matter how much the jewelry is worth. It is the style the fashion jewelry that you choose that matters.

To complement your dress, you need classic or vintage style accessories which make your whole outfit appropriate for the special occasions. Since it is a golden rule that everyone dresses up to their best on that unique day, there is no way for you to be shy. Let's grab the attention of all the attendees by wearing shiny and sparkling earrings which can be extra long like 9cm in length or 10cm. Never think you should not be the center of attention. You should be. Of course, you can always ask your friends to give advice to see if the jewelry matches with your attic or not. I would always suggest putting on a jewelry set that is a crystal necklace and a pair of rhinestone earrings. However, I would not say it is good to accompany the set of jewelry with rings and more cause it would be too much.

And wearing an elegant black dress with details is always good for all special dates which can always enhance the flashiness of the crystal jewelry. Yet when shopping for that particular dress, you should always ask the store assistant to get to know if anyone going to the same prom or wedding has bought your chosen dress. It is important to avoid wearing the same dress as another participant which would be extremely embarrassing for both of you. If you are buying the dress online, look for the register page.

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You can also see Wiki for more information on prom.


The History Development of Earrings

Earrings have been in history for over a thousand years. It was recorded that women back then in China wore some huge-sized earrings jewelry to symbolize their nobility status in society. Some earrings may be too heavy that changed the shape of the wearer's earlobes.

To suit the needs of women all around the world, earrings manufacturers have been trying to perfect earrings from material used to the weighing of them in every era.

In the seventies, earrings are started to be made from materials like alloy other than expensive metal like gold so women of all classes could enjoy wearing earrings.

Starting from the eighties, glass, plastic and even shells are used to produce earrings
to make the fashion accessories weigh less so ladies can adorn their beauty effortlessly.

The origin and development of the earring in the shape of Ketsu in East Asia

The origin of earring


Earrings and Style II

Further to our post yesterday, we continue to talk about a few more which earring styles go well with which face shape and hair style.

You love all all back hair style, white and colorful sparkling earrings would suit you so well that people can't take their eyes off you!

Being elegant and gorgeous is everything you are? High quality crystal earrings is no way not on your ears. They match perfectly with your charisma.

You have got the "devil's body"? Simple design crystal earrings add details to your life.

A tall lady should choose earrings according to their presence. Large and dangle earrings go well with her.


How to choose pearl earrings that fit your face shape
Custom-Fitting Earrings For Your Face

How to choose earrings that suit your features

Wearing earrings is very much like how we choose the best outfit to lift our spirit or putting on make-up to enhance our beauty. We should always wear earrings that complement our faces.

If you have a comparatively short neck, you may wear a floral pattern or shape hoop earrings.

If you have a long neck and are wearing long straight hair, elongated style earrings should be your choice.

For a short hair round face lady, rhombus shape earrings with clear crystal or rhinestone would help you to draw people's attention.

A lady who has delicate face, large earrings should not be your choice. You may opt to wear some small earrings.


Rings and Colors

Like we have discussed in previous posts, rings always go further than accessories in many cultures.

In this post we are going to talk about how we should choose a ring base on our skin color and age.

As a way of contrast, it is usually good to opt a ring that is of complementary color of your own skin coloration. That is, if you have fair skin, a light color ring can be your choice. If you have dark skin, you can buy a bolder color ring, which would easily draw other's attention.

For young people, white and colors that are light match you well.

For the mature group, gold and colors that are similar are you perfect choice.


Rings and Personality

Other than the traditionally meaning implied behind wearing ring on each fingers in some culture and custom, the finger you choose to put a ring on might reveal your character.

The index finger:
You are an aggressive person but sometimes lack the view of the whole picture.

Right hand middle finger:
You enjoy your current life and do not want to compete with others.

Left hand middle finger:
Family is always your first priority. You are a responsible person.

The forth finger:
You would not waste your time on trivial things. You are easy-going.

The little finger:
You are kind of keeping things to yourself.


The Meaning of Each Finger for Rings

Not only wearing rings on the forth finger is considered meaningful, putting a ring on each finger does help to convey different messages. Though most people today may just take ring as a kind of fashion jewellery to enhance their fashion outfit, it is no harm to learn the meaning behind wearing ring on each finger.

In some culture, the following are the implicated meaning when a ring is put on each finger.

Thumb: You may wish to pursue a love relationship with someone special.
Index: You are thinking about to propose!
Middle: Congratulations! You are engaged.
Forth: You shouted I would. Wish you happy ever after. You are married.
Little: The marriage did not work out. A divorce is the outcome...

Instead of telling the status of your love life,
there are different meanings implied behind to wear a ring on each finger in other tradition.
The following are links you may wish to have a look at:

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The Ring Finger - Meaning to the wedding ceremony

You left hand's forth finger is usually referred as the ring finger which is the finger people wear their wedding rings on to significant their martial status. Why is this finger so special? Since it is believed that there is a vital vein running from your second-to-the-last finger to your heart, the most important organ in your body, which thus helps to implicate the special meaning of the ceremony of marriage.

Want to know more about the ring finger,
visit these:

Ring Finger Meaning, Which Is The Ring Finger

The Origin of Rings

It was said that the rulers of ancient Egypt was the earliest ring wearer.

They started so about three thousand years ago as a symbol of power and nobility.

The noble Egyptian people back then usually carried a chop around to symbolize their status.

Due to the inconvenience of carrying things around,
they invented rings for the adornment of their authority.

People soon found out the beauty of wearing rings.

After years of advancement, rings have become a daily jewel for many.

If you are interested in the history of rings,
here are a few websites you may wish to browse:

British Museum
Virtual Egyptian Museum
The origin of jewelry



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