My First Piece of Costume Jewely - Fashion Jewelry A-Z The Beginning

Taking care of my pieces of precious fashion jewelry tonight, I came across a memory that how I got my first piece of costume jewelry.

I was five years old back then. My mom used to get up early at six o'clock to go to the market. Since I was small, I remembered seeing everything so tall and big. There was a hawker near the entrance of the wet market selling fashion jewelry. I always stood right in front of the hawker's booth to wait for my mother. As I was attracted by the sparkling crystal jewelry, I usually wished my mom would shop longer so that I could stare at the earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces for an hour or so. And I was especially fond of a ruby ring which is a gold-plated metal ring with a man-made stone studded on it. I loved it so much that would try the ring every time. The hawker was so nice that he even offered to give it as a gift for my birthday. When I mom knew it, she paid the hawker for the price of the ring.

Anyway, it was my first piece of fashion jewelry that I treasured for years.