How to Change Your Style Instantly - Fashion Jewelry A-Z Antique Style

There are so many styles out there that you never know which one fits you well, which one doesn't. The way to find the one for you is to try and decide, however you should never stick with one particular style just because you think it is so you. Life should be filled with fun and colors. And I suggest that you at least try the elegant style once in a while, especially for an evening date or a special event. It would make everyone surprise how different a look you can have, especially for those who are sporty or boyish.

The first suggestion I provide would be wearing a dress. Yes, it is the simplest way you can do to present yourself with a different style is to start from the clothing department. But we want to look gorgeous and elegant, right? Please do not choose an attic with big floral pattern or one that has too many colors on it which would drag you away from the word "elegant" right away. Instead, put on a gown with a single color tone, which can be black, blue or beige in color, which should be subtle with fine details.

Then, you can flatter your whole outfit with sparkling crystal fashion jewelry. If you are attending a proper occasion, a set of rhinestone jewelry would be your perfect partner. Crystal or rhinestone glitters under light which can certainly help you draw everyone’s attention. Among crystal tiara, earrings and layered necklace, you should choose to wear only two of them to make sure you are not overdoing it. Can’t picture what I mean? It would totally be like wearing stage make-up under the sun. See? Anyway, to play safe, layered necklace and drop earrings is always a perfect match.

For your hair, if your budget is not tight, salon is the place you can get your hair done by a professional. Even if you are lack of fund, salon is still the place to go. Juniors need to practice their skills before they become experts. Go ask the salons near you if they need a model for practice or take note of the notice at the salons’ door front. For most girls nowadays, doing your own make-up would not be difficult. However, like the salon tactic, you can have your face done by a make-up artist free or redeeming the service by purchasing cosmetic products in a beauty store.

The crystal jewelry together with your evening gown would definitely help build an elegant image for you. Strap on your heels, wear neat make-up and nice hair style, smile and you are ready to go!