The Meaning of Each Finger for Rings

Not only wearing rings on the forth finger is considered meaningful, putting a ring on each finger does help to convey different messages. Though most people today may just take ring as a kind of fashion jewellery to enhance their fashion outfit, it is no harm to learn the meaning behind wearing ring on each finger.

In some culture, the following are the implicated meaning when a ring is put on each finger.

Thumb: You may wish to pursue a love relationship with someone special.
Index: You are thinking about to propose!
Middle: Congratulations! You are engaged.
Forth: You shouted I would. Wish you happy ever after. You are married.
Little: The marriage did not work out. A divorce is the outcome...

Instead of telling the status of your love life,
there are different meanings implied behind to wear a ring on each finger in other tradition.
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