The History Development of Earrings

Earrings have been in history for over a thousand years. It was recorded that women back then in China wore some huge-sized earrings jewelry to symbolize their nobility status in society. Some earrings may be too heavy that changed the shape of the wearer's earlobes.

To suit the needs of women all around the world, earrings manufacturers have been trying to perfect earrings from material used to the weighing of them in every era.

In the seventies, earrings are started to be made from materials like alloy other than expensive metal like gold so women of all classes could enjoy wearing earrings.

Starting from the eighties, glass, plastic and even shells are used to produce earrings
to make the fashion accessories weigh less so ladies can adorn their beauty effortlessly.

The origin and development of the earring in the shape of Ketsu in East Asia

The origin of earring